Crystallinity, thermal diffusivity, and electrical conductivity of carbon black filled polyamide 46

Weidenfeller, Bernd; Rode, Hauke; Weidenfeller, Laura GND; Weidenfeller, Katrin

Polyamide 46 (PA 46) with carbon black (CB) has been subjected to a heat treatment. Crystallinity, specific heat capacity, crystalline melting peak temperature, thermal diffusivity, and electrical conductivity were measured. The crystallinity increases with duration of thermal treatment. The maximum value is dependent on the filler fraction. A lower CB content leads to a higher crystallinity at maximum tempering time. The crystalline melting peak temperature increases with decreasing filler fraction and duration of thermal treatment due to different crystal types and/or diverging geometric forms of the crystals. Thermal diffusivity and electrical conductivity act positively proportional to each other and increase with CB content and tempering time. The thermal diffusivity decreases with increasing temperature. The volume resistance of PA 46 is lowered by heat treatment. By CB addition in combination with a tempering process, the PA 46 can be transferred into a conductor. CB is moved by PA 46 crystals into amorphous regions forming conductive pathways.


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