Investigation of the local environment of SnO2 in an applied magnetic field

This paper presents the results of time-differential perturbed gamma–gamma angular correlation measurements of SnO2 thin films carried out in an applied magnetic field. The measurements were performed upon the implantation of Fe at 80 keV and 111In (111Cd) at 160 keV. The samples were further characterized by energydispersive X-ray spectroscopy. The hyperfine parameters were studied at room temperature with and without an applied magnetic field. The results indicate the presence of two distinct local environments for the probe nuclei. Both occupy a paramagnetic state and correspond to a substitutional Sn site in the rutile phase of SnO2 with different numbers of electrons added to SnO2:Cd0. In addition, the crystal homogeneity of the site 1 increases upon applying the magnetic field.


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