In situ production of titanium aluminides during wire arc additive manufacturing with hot-wire assisted GMAW process

Henckell, Philipp; Ali, Yarop; Metz, Andreas GND; Bergmann, Jean Pierre GND; Reimann, Jan GND

As part of a feasibility study, an alternative production process for titanium aluminides was investigated. This process is based on in situ alloying by means of a multi-wire technique in the layer-wise additive manufacturing process. Thereby, gas metal arc welding (GMAW) was combined with additional hot-wire feeding. By using two separate wires made of titanium and aluminum, it is possible to implement the alloy formation of titanium aluminides directly in the weld bead of the welding process. In this study, wall structures were built layer-by-layer with alloy compositions between 10 at% and 55 at% aluminum by changing the feeding rates. During this investigation, the macroscopic characteristics, microstructural formation, and the change of the microhardness values were analyzed. A close examination of the influence of welding speed and post-process heat treatment on the Ti–47Al alloy was performed; this being particularly relevant due to its economically wide spread applications.


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