Structure-property correlations in fluoride-sulfate-phosphate glasses

The aim of this research was to study the relationships between the formation, structure, and properties of the new glass system, fluoro-sulfo-phosphate poly-anionic glasses, specifically focusing on the effect of the glass structure on optical properties and electrical conductivity. In this project, the fluoro-sulfo-phosphate glass system can be divided into two groups: the FPS series [(100xy)MFn / xSr(PO3)2 / ySrSO4 (x + y ≤ 20%, M = Mg2+, Ca2+, Sr2+, Al3+) with F > P2O5 + SO3] were studied as new host materials for optically active cation species, while the NAPFS series [(100xy)AlF3 / xNaPO3 / yNa2SO4 (x + y ≥ 80%), with F < P2O5 + SO3], whose compositions possess high sodium concentrations, and thus, high ionic conductivity and low activation energy, were investigated for their future application in solid-state sodium-ion batteries.



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