Creation of operation algorithms for combined operation of anti-lock braking system (ABS) and electric machine included in the combined power plant

The paper considers the Anti-lock Braking System (ABS) operation algorithm, which enables the implementation of hybrid braking, i.e. the braking process combining friction brake mechanisms and e-machine (electric machine), which operates in the energy recovery mode. The provided materials focus only on the rectilinear motion of the vehicle. That the ABS task consists in the maintenance of the target wheel slip ratio, which depends on the tyre-road adhesion coefficient. The tyre-road adhesion coefficient was defined based on the vehicle deceleration. In the course of calculated studies, the following operation algorithm of hybrid braking was determined. At adhesion coefficient ≤0.1, driving axle braking occurs only due to the e-machine operating in the energy recovery mode. In other cases, depending on adhesion coefficient, the e-machine provides the brake torque, which changes from 35 to 100% of the maximum available brake torque. Virtual tests showed that values of the wheel slip ratio are close to the required ones. Thus, this algorithm makes it possible to implement hybrid braking by means of the two sources creating the brake torque.


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