3D audio for live events

Many applications for 3D audio are aimed at live events. Several manufacturers of PA systems now offer solutions. These are not optimized for native 3D audio, but achieve an immersive impression due to placement of objects and added reverberation. To operate native 3D audio for live events, there are two key questions to consider: - How should the loudspeaker layout be chosen so that the audience gets the most impressive listening experience at a reasonable cost? - How should 3D audio content be designed so that it reaches the audience as effectively as possible through such PA systems? Two phenomena can be used for 3D audio: Envelopment and projection of sound sources in the front. The most impressive case is provided by a loudspeaker setup using imaginary connecting lines between the loudspeakers, which results in a volume. Vertical phantom sound sources presented in the front sound more natural than horizontal ones. The number of vertical front loudspeakers determins the resolution of the image. The wedge-shaped loudspeaker setup, that means with height loudspeakers in the front, meets both requirements minimally. The greater the listening area, the more loudspeakers are needed. The greater the distances of the loudspeakers to each other, the more audible holes are perceived, depending on the acoustics of the playback room.


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