Data set: BRIRs for position-dynamic binaural synthesis measured in two rooms

Binaural room impulse responses were measured with a KEMAR 45BA head-and-torso-simulator. For the first data set, it was placed at different positions located on a line with a length of 2m in a 25 cm positional resolution and an azimuth resolution of 4 . Two source positions were considered in the setup, one in front of the line, one at the side. The same arrangement of source and receiver positions was realized in two different rooms, a quite dry listening laboratory and a quite reverberant seminar room. For the second data set, BRIRs and omni-directional RIRs were measured for a translation line with a length of 7.5m through the given seminar room. The data sets are valuable for realizing, testing and studying dynamic binaural walk-through scenarios in the two different rooms.


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