Piezoelectric based energy management system for powering intelligent implants and prostheses

The use of body given, self-sufficient energy sources can improve intelligent implants and prostheses to reduce stressful post-operations and check-ups. Energy harvesting using piezoelectric generators (PG) could take advantages of any movement of or in the human body to provide enough energy for wireless sensor-, processing- and communicationunits of these medical applications. The limited environmental power and space complicate the realisation of an efficient energy conversion process. These conditions put high requirements not only on the piezoelectric material and its manufacturing technology but also on the whole power management. This work presents a completely self-sustaining, piezoelectric energy harvesting management system using a DC/DC step-up converter, a battery charger component and a rechargeable battery. The System is self-controlled by a MOSFET-based circuitry, and works with different electronic loads even wehn piezoelectric energy supply is missing.


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