Mobile R-wave detection system powered by a thermoelectric generator

In modern medicine, monitoring devices for mobile application are using rechargeable power supplies. A new concept refers to energy scavenging techniques using heat emission from human body. This project deals with the development of a prototype and the feasibility study of a thermal harvester. A thermoelectric generator enables the device to work self-sufficient on temperature gradients between skin and ambient conditions. This developed energy harvesting system converts human body heat into electrical energy. In combination with ultra-lowpower components autonomous operation should be possible. The system should enable an R-wave detection circuitry. If the temperature gradient is high enough, there is supposed to be no lack of power as in case of ordinary battery systems. A system combining thermal energy harvesting and signal processing is developed. To show the functions of the energy harvester corresponding measurements are performed. The signal processing unit is set up but not evaluated in concrete measurements.


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