Digitalization and change management: Different ways to project success

The digitalization is realized through a series of change-bringing projects. For the success of the digitalization, the study of the conditions leading to a greater project success rate is thus interesting. The context in which change happens is as interesting as the change itself, yet an early search of the literature revealed that the literature on change management offers little support for qualitative, context rich studies. This study presents a theoretical model derived from a review of the literature on change management with a focus on digital projects. Qualitative iterative coding of 51 relevant articles led to the definition of nineteen dimensions of change management split into two constructs: the type of change and the type of change management approach. Furthermore, the success of digital projects is defined according to five dimensions. The model is intended to support qualitative empirical studies, the ultimate goal being the discovery of the different ways leading to project success. Therefore, short definitions and lists of keywords that might be employed in speech or written documents to refer to the dimensions are given.


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