High-Resolution Laser Scanning Systems with Acousto-Optic Deflectors and Optimised Optics Design

In recent years, automotive headlight systems have been improved in a considerable extent for a safer drive. In this paper, an optical design is presented for scanning headlight systems with an alternative deflection unit and an RGB laser source to optimise the light distribution and create desired illumination patterns adapting to the driving situation. Recently developed scanning lighting systems incorporate mechanical deflection systems. Here, since the redistribution of the light is mostly depending on the fixed deflection pattern, several drawbacks are emerging. As an alternative method, acousto-optic deflection technology can deflect the light without any mechanical displacement. They offer highflexibility to redistribute the light in the desired intensity. Thus, the main role can be undertaken by acousto-optic deflectors as laser scanners and illumination units. However, although they have a mechanic-free deflection mechanism, their narrow deflection range causes difficulties in realising the desired illumination and scanning applications. An optics design to enlarge the deflection range for Acousto-Optic Deflectors (AODs) is required. In this project, an optical system is purposed for high resolution and contrast illumination in automotive lighting using acousto-optic deflectors.


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