Citation analysis of doctoral theses of Earth Science accepted by the Manipur University during 1989-2011

The study is to analyse the bibliographic citations which have been cited in the doctoral theses of the research scholars in Earth Science, Manipur University, during the year 1981-2011.The study is to determine the principle forms of literature used in theses; to determine country-wise, language-wise and subject-wise distribution of literature; and the applicability of Bradford's law of scattering to the pattern used in Earth Science. The bibliographical references were used at the end of each chapter and end of the doctoral theses were taken as the source of data for the study. The collected data were analysed and interpreted with table's format. Analyses of several parameters like country-wise, language-wise, subject-wise distribution of literature and the applicability of Bradford's law of scattering. lnteraction with faculties of concern department was carried out. lt was found that researcher emphasized more on journal source, they depend literature from UK, Netherland & USA; English was the predominant language; the total 2273 citations of journals are scattered primarily among s connected in one major subject fields; 9 (Nine) Core journal which were the sourcejournals leads the majority of the citations.


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