Automotive antenna roof for cooperative connected driving

Artner, Gerald; Kotterman, Wim GND; Del Galdo, Giovanni GND; Hein, Matthias GND

An automotive concept for vehicular communications is proposed that utilizes the potential of the roof area for antennas. Antennas are distributed in cavities and on shelves in the center and on the front and rear roof ends. The arrangement of antennas on the roof allows better radiation to the front and back of automobiles than shark-fins and single cavities. Combining several modules provides space for further antennas, sensors, and integrated front-ends, as well as better spatial separation for multiple-input multiple-output (MIMO) arrays beyond 5G, and cooperative connected and automated driving. A prototype was developed and built into a car chassis. The measured data were analyzed and evaluated in the view of coverage for vulnerable road users and on correlation for the MIMO.


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Automotive antenna roof for cooperative connected driving, 2019. . IEEE access 7, 2019, 20083–20090.
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