Temperature dependence of dynamic parameters of contact thermometers

Contact thermometers are used in a wide temperature range as well as under various media and environmental conditions. The temperature can range from −200 °C to about 1500 °C. In this case, the dynamic parameters (time percentage values tx and time constants τ) depend on temperature. Several effects are superimposed. Constructional and material properties of the thermometer and the installation location affect the dynamic behavior as well as the type and material properties of the object to be measured. Thermal conductivity λ, specific heat capacity c, and density ρ depend on temperature. This temperature dependence can be mutually compensated for (see Section 3). At the same time, the dynamic behavior is also influenced by the temperature-dependent parameters of the medium. When the thermometers are installed in air, for example, the heat transfer coefficient α decreases with increasing temperature, owing to the temperature-dependent material data of the air, at constant speed v. At the same time, heat radiation effects are so strong that the heat transfer improves despite the decreasing convective heat transfer coefficient. In this paper, a number of examples are used to establish a model for the temperature dependence of the dynamic parameters for various thermometer designs. Both numerically and experimentally determined results for the determination of the dynamic characteristic values are included in the consideration.


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