Range-based localization for UWB sensor networks in realistic environments

Shen, Guowei GND; Zetik, Rudolf; Hirsch, Ole GND; Thomä, Reiner GND

The Non-Line of Sight (NLOS) problem is the major drawback for accurate localization within Ultra-Wideband (UWB) sensor networks. In this article, a comprehensive overview of the existing methods for localization in distributed UWB sensor networks under NLOS conditions is given and a new method is proposed. This method handles the NLOS problem by an NLOS node identification and mitigation approach through hypothesis test. It determines the NLOS nodes by comparing the mean square error of the range estimates with the variance of the estimated LOS ranges and handles the situation where less than three Line of Sight (LOS) nodes are available by using the statistics of an arrangement of circular traces. The performance of the proposed method has been compared with some other methods by means of computer simulation in a 2D area.


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Shen, Guowei / Zetik, Rudolf / Hirsch, Ole / et al: Range-based localization for UWB sensor networks in realistic environments. 2009.

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