Novel cap system with active actuators for rapid dry electroencephalography

Fiedler, Patrique GND; Griebel, Stefan; Biller, Sebastian; Fonseca, Carlos GND; Vaz, Filipe; Zentner, Lena GND; Zanow, Frank; Haueisen, Jens GND

New fields of application for electroencephalography (EEG) require robust measurement technologies for ubiquitous mobile monitoring. Fast, easy and failsafe application as well as stable signal quality are crucial requirements for the electrodes. The application of novel dry EEG electrodes requires direct, reliable contact with the human skin as well as stable electrochemical characteristics of the materials. We propose a novel biocompatible electrode based on Titanium Nitride (TiN) integrated into an adaptive cap system with active adduction mechanisms. We report electrode-skin impedance measurements to prove our cap system to provide reliable and stable electrode positioning and adduction.


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