Mne-X: MEG/EEG real-time acquisition, real-time processing, and real-time source localization framework

Providing millisecond-temporal resolution for non-invasive mapping of human brain functions, Magneto-/Electroencephalography (MEG/EEG) is predestined to monitor brain activity in real-time. While data analysis to date is mostly done subsequent to the acquistion process we introduce here an acquisition and real-time analysis application. Online feedback allows the adaption of the experiment to the subject’s reaction creating a whole set of new options and increasing time efficiency by shortening acquisition and offline analysis. To build a standalone application, we first designed MNE-CPP a cross-platform open source Qt5 C++ library, which implements the validated parts of our scripting toolboxes MNE-Python/MATLAB. Based on MNE-CPP we built MNE-X, which allows realtime acquisition, processing, and source localization.


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