Developing foreign language skills through songs and educational games : an empirical study

Hammad, Shymaa GND

First, I would like to express my sincere gratitude to my supervisor and mentor, Professor Laurenz Volkmann, for his useful advice and suggestions to bring this research to light. Throughout the writing process of my dissertation, he has provided me with great guidance, which I am grateful for. I would also like to thank the English teachers, who provided me with the data needed for the empirical part of this paper. Giving me their time and effort is much appreciated. In addition, special thanks go to the Montessori school, pupils, and their parents for cooperating with me to make this research possible. Finally, I would like to thank and express my wholehearted appreciation to my family for their moral and emotional support and continuous encouragement. It would not have been possible without their belief in me.


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Hammad, Shymaa: Developing foreign language skills through songs and educational games. an empirical study. Jena 2019.

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