Hypernetworks based radio spectrum profiling in cognitive radio networks

Khan, Shah Nawaz; Mitschele-Thiel, Andreas GND

This paper presents a novel concept of active radio spectrum profiling f or Cognitive Radio (CR) networks using evolutionary hypernetworks. Spectrum profiling enables cognitive radio nodes to abstract and predict usable spectrum opportunities in pre-defined P rimary Users ( PU) c hannels. T he PU c hannels a re actively monitored through spectrum sensing and the resulting binary time series are used for channel abstraction and prediction. An overlay spectrum sharing approach is assumed in this paper and the evolutionary hypernetworks are used for the realization of the radio spectrum profiling concept. The abstracted information not only facilitates the optimization of channel selection and mobility, but also improves the quality of service for the secondary user applications. This paper presents the main concepts, their application to CR ad hoc networks, and an analysis of its impact on the CR network performance.


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Khan, S.N., Mitschele-Thiel, A., 2015. Hypernetworks based radio spectrum profiling in cognitive radio networks. EAI endorsed transactions on cognitive communications, EAI endorsed transactions on cognitive communications 1, 2015, art,e5. https://doi.org/10.4108/cogcom.1.2.e5
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