GOBO projection for 3D measurements at highest frame rates: a performance analysis

Aperiodic sinusoidal patterns that are cast by a GOBO (GOes Before Optics) projector are a powerful tool for optically measuring the surface topography of moving or deforming objects with very high speed and accuracy. We optimised the first experimental setup that we were able to measure inflating car airbags at frame rates of more than 50 kHz while achieving a 3D point standard deviation of ~500 µm. Here, we theoretically investigate the method of GOBO projection of aperiodic sinusoidal fringes. In a simulation-based performance analysis, we examine the parameters that influence the accuracy of the measurement result and identify an optimal pattern design that yields the highest measurement accuracy. We compare the results with those that were obtained via GOBO projection of phase-shifted sinusoidal fringes. Finally, we experimentally verify the theoretical findings. We show that the proposed technique has several advantages over conventional fringe projection techniques, as the easy-to-build and cost-effective GOBO projector can provide a high radiant flux, allows high frame rates, and can be used over a wide spectral range.


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