An ADRC-based control strategy for FRT improvement of wind power generation with a doubly-fed induction generator

This paper proposes a second-order active disturbance rejection control (ADRC)-based control strategy with an integrated design of the flux damping method, for the fault ride-through (FRT) improvement in wind power generation systems with a doubly-fed induction generator (DFIG). First, a first principles model of the rotor and grid side converter of DFIG is developed, which is then used to theoretically analyze the system characteristics and show the damage caused to the DFIG system by a grid voltage fault. Then, the flux damping method is used to suppress the rotor current during a fault ride-through. In order to enhance the robustness and effectiveness of the flux damping method under complex working conditions, an ADRC approach is proposed for disturbance attenuation of the DFIG systems. Finally, a comparison of the proposed method with three other control approaches on a 1.5-MV DFIG system benchmark is performed. It is shown that the proposed method can adaptively and effectively improve the system performance during an FRT.


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