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Towards FAIR data and repository within the Biodiversity Exploratories

The Biodiversity Exploratories Information System (BExIS) acts as centralized data management platform for the Biodiversity Exploratories project. It stores all project-related datasets and provides features to support scientist throughout the whole data lifecycle. The FAIR data principles [1] are a set of guiding principles in order to make data Findable, Accessible, Interoperable, and Reusable. Currently these principles are highly recognized in the data driven community and gained at a lot of support from funding agencies, publishers, data repositories, and researchers alike. It has been widely agreed that the realization of these principles changes the way of thinking about sharing data and should boost the use and reuse of data. We have worked lately on our public data and the repository itself to meet the principles or at least to step up in inherent requirements. On our poster, you can find the results of a self-assessment we have done to check the FAIRness and to indicate open activities which needs to be undertaken. [1]


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