Operator based approach to PT-symmetric problems on a wedge-shaped contour

We consider a second-order differential equation -y''(z)-(iz)^{N+2}y(z)=\lambda y(z), z\in \Gamma with an eigenvalue parameter \lambda \in C. In PT quantum mechanics z runs through a complex contour \Gamma in C, which is in general not the real line nor a real half-line. Via a parametrization we map the problem back to the real line and obtain two differential equations on [0,\infty) and on (-\infty,0]. They are coupled in zero by boundary conditions and their potentials are not real-valued. The main result is a classification of this problem along the well-known limit-point/ limit-circle scheme for complex potentials introduced by A.R. Sims 60 years ago. Moreover, we associate operators to the two half-line problems and to the full axis problem and study their spectra.


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