Data Visualization: a new module for BEXIS 2

The visual representation of data, or in other words a visualization is a very common way to represent data in an easily comprehensible form. Especially in situations where a user would like to get a quick overview of a single dataset (e.g. a distribution of observations) or a system administrator tries to monitor the number of uploaded or downloaded datasets in a system, visualizations come in very handy. In this talk, we introduce the new visualization module developed for the data management platform BEXIS 2. We will discuss the concept of the module and demonstrate the first implementation of the user interface. This first implementation helps administrators to trace the system’s behaviour and provides visualizations such as number of datasets created over time. In the next step, the module will be further developed to provide also visualizations more relevant to end users (i.e. researchers) such as providing information on the completness of metadata in a dataset.


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