"Kennst du das Land, wo blüht Oranienbaum?" - A Case Study on Strategic and Territorial Planning in St. Petersburg (Russia)

Smirnova, Elena

The research examines the system of strategic and territorial planning of St. Petersburg focusing on Lomonosov (Oranienbaum) as its case study. The study provides the analysis of the planning documentation developed for the city in the post-Soviet period. In particular, it elaborates on the currently enforced Strategy of Economic and Social Development of St. Petersburg-2030 (2014) and the City General Plan (2005), discussing the aspects of their development and implementation, as well as complex interrelation. Thereby, peculiarities of the spatial development of the St. Petersburg agglomeration are also investigated, elaborating on the state policy on agglomerations, historic development of St. Petersburg and relations with the Leningrad Region, governance and imbalances of the St. Petersburg spatial development, including proposed development scenarios. Consequently, the study employs a highly indicative case of the Lomonosov town municipal unit aiming to illustrate the practical implementation of administrative, territorial and strategic policies in a given context within a system of the state planning adopted in St. Petersburg, in particular, taking into consideration recently proclaimed necessity for the transition to a polycentric city model following an innovative scenario for the socioeconomic and spatial development. In particular, Lomonosov (Oranienbaum) is explored egarding its current socio-economic situation and development scenarios: industrial site and cultural tourism. The Oranienbaum museum and nature-reserve is also thoroughly assessed with regard to its cultural tourism potential. Finally, the urban environment of Lomonosov (Oranienbaum) is comprehensively scrutinized in terms of its historic development, residential housing typology, UNESCO World Heritage preservation and local urban heritage. In conclusion, the data on Lomonosov present in the St. Petersburg strategic and territorial planning documents is provided.


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Smirnova, Elena: "Kennst du das Land, wo blüht Oranienbaum?" - A Case Study on Strategic and Territorial Planning in St. Petersburg (Russia). 2017.

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