Mobile Identity Management Revisited

Tatli, Emin Islam; Lucks, Stefan GND

Identity management provides PET (privacy enhancing technology) tools for users to control privacy of their personal data. With the support of mobile location determination techniques based on GPS, WLAN, Bluetooth, etc., context-aware and location-aware mobile applications (e.g. restaurant finder, friend finder, indoor and outdoor navigation, etc.) have gained quite big interest in the business and IT world. Considering sensitive static personal information (e.g. name, address, phone number, etc.) and also dynamic personal information (e.g. current location, velocity in car, current status, etc.), mobile identity management is required to help mobile users to safeguard their personal data. In this paper, we evaluate certain required aspects and features (e.g. context-to-context dependence and relation, blurring in levels, trust management with p3p integration, extended privacy preferences, etc.) of mobile identity management


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