A Study on High Performance Fine-Grained Concrete Containing Rice Husk Ash

Le, Ha Thanh; Nguyen, Sang Thanh; Ludwig, Horst-Michael GND

Rice husk ash (RHA) is classified as a highly reactive pozzolan. It has a very high silica content similar to that of silica fume (SF). Using less-expensive and locally available RHA as a mineral admixture in concrete brings ample benefits to the costs, the technical properties of concrete as well as to the environment. An experimental study of the effect of RHA blending on workability, strength and durability of high performance fine-grained concrete (HPFGC) is presented. The results show that the addition of RHA to HPFGC improved significantly compressive strength, splitting tensile strength and chloride penetration resistance. Interestingly, the ratio of compressive strength to splitting tensile strength of HPFGC was lower than that of ordinary concrete, especially for the concrete made with 20 % RHA. Compressive strength and splitting tensile strength of HPFGC containing RHA was similar and slightly higher, respectively, than for HPFGC containing SF. Chloride penetration resistance of HPFGC containing 10–15 % RHA was comparable with that of HPFGC containing 10 % SF.


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Le, Ha Thanh / Nguyen, Sang Thanh / Ludwig, Horst-Michael: A Study on High Performance Fine-Grained Concrete Containing Rice Husk Ash. 2017.

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