Radio Astronomical Monitoring in Virtual Environment

Konich, Kira; Nikitin, Igor; Klimenko, Stanislav; Malofeev, Valery; Tyul’bashev, Sergey

We present StarWatch, our application for real-time analysis of radio astronomical data in Virtual Environment. Serving as an interface to radio astronomical databases or being applied to live data from the radio telescopes, the application supports various data filters measuring signal-to-noise ratio (SNR), Doppler's drift, degree of signal localization on celestial sphere and other useful tools for signal extraction and classification. Originally designed for the database of narrow band signals from SETI Institute (, the application has been recently extended for the detection of wide band periodic signals, necessary for the search of pulsars. We will also address the detection of week signals possessing arbitrary waveforms and present several data filters suitable for this purpose.


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Konich, Kira / Nikitin, Igor / Klimenko, Stanislav / et al: Radio Astronomical Monitoring in Virtual Environment. 2017.

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