Biochar as Additive in Biogas-Production from Bio-Waste

Meyer-Kohlstock, Daniel; Haupt, Thomas; Heldt, Erik; Heldt, Nils; Kraft, Eckhard GND

Previous publications about biochar in anaerobic digestion show encouraging results with regard to increased biogas yields. This work investigates such effects in a solid-state fermentation of bio-waste. Unlike in previous trials, the influence of biochar is tested with a setup that simulates an industrial-scale biogas plant. Both the biogas and the methane yield increased around 5% with a biochar addition of 5%-based on organic dry matter biochar to bio-waste. An addition of 10% increased the yield by around 3%. While scaling effects prohibit a simple transfer of the results to industrial-scale plants, and although the certainty of the results is reduced by the heterogeneity of the bio-waste, further research in this direction seems promising.


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Meyer-Kohlstock, Daniel / Haupt, Thomas / Heldt, Erik / et al: Biochar as Additive in Biogas-Production from Bio-Waste. 2017.

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