Simulation of Regional Mortality Rate in Road Accidents

Chubukov, A.; Kapitanov, Valeriy; Monina, Olga; Silyanov, Valentin; Brannolte, Ulrich

The paper gives the results of scientific research, which, being based on probabilistic and statistical modeling, identifies the relationship of certain socio-economic factors and the number of people killed in road accidents in the Russian Federation regions. It notes the identity of processes in various fields, in which there is loss of life. Scientific methods and techniques were used in the process of data processing and study findings: systematic approach, methods of system analysis (algorithmization, mathematical programming) and mathematical statistics. The scientific novelty lies in the formulation, formalization and solving problems related to the analysis of regional road traffic accidents, its modeling taking into account the factors of socio-economic impact.


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Chubukov, A., Kapitanov, V., Monina, O., Silyanov, V., Brannolte, U., 2017. Simulation of Regional Mortality Rate in Road Accidents.
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