Brasil, Daniela

Daniela Brasil is currently a PhD candidate at the professorship of Spatial Planning and Research at Architecture Faculty of the Bauhaus-Universität Weimar, where she has also been teaching since 2007. Her seminars foster bodily experiments and critical thinking on “city’s sensuality”, where discussions on city marketing and affectivity are central. She was educated in architecture and urbanism in Brazil and Portugal and holds a Master of Fine Arts in Public Art and new artistic strategies. Idealizing and realizing artistic-oriented projects that intervene in relations between bodies and cities is her main concern since the mid-nineties; where she preferably works in transdisciplinary groups, as in “Lisbon Capital of Nothing: create, debate and intervene in public space, Marvila 2001”. Daniela currently runs the project “Baustelle M10 > gallery for contemporary experiments” within a collective of artists and students in Weimar.


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