Totally regular variables and appell sequences in hypercomplex function theory

The aim of our contribution is to clarify the relation between totally regular variables and Appell sequences of hypercomplex holomorphic polynomials (sometimes simply called monogenic power-like functions) in Hypercomplex Function Theory. After their introduction in 2006 by two of the authors of this note on the occasion of the 17th IKM, the latter have been subject of investigations by different authors with different methods and in various contexts. The former concept, introduced by R. Delanghe in 1970 and later also studied by K. Gürlebeck in 1982 for the case of quaternions, has some obvious relationship with the latter, since it describes a set of linear hypercomplex holomorphic functions all power of which are also hypercomplex holomorphic. Due to the non-commutative nature of the underlying Clifford algebra, being totally regular variables or Appell sequences are not trivial properties as it is for the integer powers of the complex variable z=x+ iy. Simple examples show also, that not every totally regular variable and its powers form an Appell sequence and vice versa. Under some very natural normalization condition the set of all para-vector valued totally regular variables which are also Appell sequences will completely be characterized. In some sense the result can also be considered as an answer to a remark of K. Habetha in chapter 16: Function theory in algebras of the collection Complex analysis. Methods, trends, and applications, Akademie-Verlag Berlin, (Eds. E. Lanckau and W. Tutschke) 225-237 (1983) on the use of exact copies of several complex variables for the power series representation of any hypercomplex holomorphic function.


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