Decoding Public Life in Urban Soundscape: The Case of Weimar

Genc, Emir

INTRODUCTION The research field of sound landscape and public life, initially drew my attention during the master class of ‘Media of the Urban’, originally ‘Medien des Urbanen, which was given by Prof. Dr. Gabriele Schabacher in the 2015 summer semester. For the relevant class, I conducted an conceptual case study in Istanbul, Beyoglu District, with the intention of analysing the perception of the space by urban sound. During the summer 2015 I recorded various sounds of different spatial settings and developed the analysis by comparing the situations. By that time, I realized the inherent property of the sound as a medium for our perception in urban context. In the 2015-2016 winter semester, I participated in the master class of the architectural project, named ‘Build Allegory’, which was given by Prof. Dipl.-Ing. Heike Büttner. The project was situated in Berlin Westkreuz, AVUS north curve, on the highway and was originally a race track from 1921. In this context, the aim of my project was to answer various questions, main of which was, how does the architectural form shape the sound of the place? And, how does the sound of the place shape the architectural from? Since the place is still serving mainly to the vehicles, although the function has differed, the sound objects and the context have remained. Through the existence of contextual references, I started with creating a computational tool for analysing the acoustic characteristics of this urban setting, which is fundamentally providing results as the sound cloud, driven from the sound ray tracing method. Regarding to this soundscape analysis method, which I developed, this computational tool assisted me to find an optimum reciprocal relation between architecture and sound. Since I have been working on soundscape in the context of architecture, urban situations, public life and public space, I was determined to produce a comprehensive research in this field and propound the hypothesis; the existence of the reciprocity between the social behaviours in public space and the sound landscape. In which extent does this reciprocity exist? What are the effects of the public life on the sonic configurations of the space and the other way around?


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Genc, E., 2017. Decoding Public Life in Urban Soundscape: The Case of Weimar.
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