Computers in the design phase - Ten thesis on their uselessness

König, Reinhard GND

At the end of the 1960s, architects at various universities world- wide began to explore the potential of computer technology for their profession. With the decline in prices for PCs in the 1990s and the development of various computer-aided architectural design systems (CAAD), the use of such systems in architectural and planning offices grew continuously. Because today no ar- chitectural office manages without a costly CAAD system and because intensive soſtware training has become an integral part of a university education, the question arises about what influence the various computer systems have had on the design process forming the core of architectural practice. The text at hand devel- ops ten theses about why there has been no success to this day in introducing computers such that new qualitative possibilities for design result. RESTRICTEDNESS


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König, Reinhard: Computers in the design phase - Ten thesis on their uselessness. 2016.

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