Automated Detailing of 4D Schedules

The increasing success of BIM (Building Information Model) and the emergence of its implementation in 3D construction models have paved a way for improving scheduling process. The recent research on application of BIM in scheduling has focused on quantity take-off, duration estimation for individual trades, schedule visualization, and clash detection. Several experiments indicated that the lack of detailed planning causes about 30% non-productive time and stacking of trades. However, detailed planning still has not been implemented in practice despite receiving a lot of interest from researchers. The reason is associated with the huge amount and complexity of input data. In order to create a detailed planning, it is time consuming to manually decompose activities, collect and calculate the detailed information in relevant. Moreover, the coordination of detailed activities requires much effort for dealing with their complex constraints. This dissertation aims to support the generation of detailed schedules from a rough schedule. It proposes a model for automated detailing of 4D schedules by integrating BIM, simulation and Pareto-based optimization.


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