The Effect of the International Community Presence in the Urban Development of Post Conflict City Case Study: Kosova

Jakupi, Arta

Post Conflict Reconstruction is a very complex topic, whether it is to be undertaken by the Local or the International Community. The process of the Post Conflict Development is to be very hard to investigate, primarily for the combination of socio-cultural phenomena, war and political instability; having difficulties of conducting solid empirical analysis (obtaining reliable data) and dealing with war-torn communities. The multifaceted process of the reconstruction is ought to touch a lot of countries vital segments, whereas each of them requires different approach; coordination with one another; and unification in their common aim. The emergency of the assistance programs are not equal, same as with the priority and weight when compared with each other, therefore occasionally there are programs for the success of which the other less important actions are violated or neglected. The case is with the International Community presence ( the set up), which aside from their mission and projects, it is considered to play a very important role on the urban development of a post conflict city; the setting was never planned or considered in a holistic manner, therefore IC establishment was done ad hoc and it was guided by issues which did not help at its greatest to the urban development of the city and more over to the citizens who were most in need. The study is about the Urban Development, due to the fact that the biggest concentration of the International Community is likely to be in the urban centers, and the experienced changes are of a much considerable magnitude. The reconstruction phase is likely to be lasting at about 10 years and more , consequently the International Community for that time being tends to be recognized as temporary citizens of the city, and it is inevitably that they will be having an impact on the urban development of the city; in that basis it is considered to be significant that the International Community Establishment/Set Up be included into the International Organizations mission and assist in the overall mission of the reconstruction.


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Jakupi, Arta: The Effect of the International Community Presence in the Urban Development of Post Conflict City Case Study: Kosova. 2013.

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