Determination of process durations on virtual construction sites

Bargstädt, Hans-Joachim GND; Blickling, Arno GND

The paper analyses the application of 3D gaming technologies in the simulation of processes associated with human resources and machinery on construction sites in order to determine process costs. It addresses the problem of detailing in process simulation. The authors outline special boundary conditions for the simulation of cost-relevant resource processes on virtual construction sites. The approach considers different needs for detailing in process simulation during the planning and building phase. For simulation of process costs on a construction site (contractors view) the level of detail has to be set to high. A prototype for determination of process durations (and hereby process costs) developed at the Bauhaus University Weimar is presented as a result of ongoing researches on detailing in process simulation. It shows the method of process cost determination on a high level of detail (game between excavator and truck) through interaction with the virtual environment of the site.


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