Web-based System for Visualization of Distribution Patterns of Solar Energy and Sky Factor on Outdoor Open Spaces

This study aims at constructing the simulation system of distribution patterns of solar irradiance, sunshine duration and sky factor with the user-friendly interface and sharing this system with users on the Internet. The characteristics of this simulation system are as follows: (1) Web-based user interface, (2) Accessible system through the Internet and (3) Sunlight and skylight simulation based on physically accurate equations with considering various sky conditions and the reflection from the surface of objects. As a case study, impact of the development plans are analyzed and evaluated using this system. Solar irradiance, sunshine duration and sky factor are calculated at the surface of the buildings and open spaces every 10 minutes from 8 to 16 on the winter solstice. The values of these indices are expressed as the ratio to those calculated under the condition with no buildings. In conclusion, this web-based simulation system can be useful for visualizing the sunlight and skylight conditions on outdoor open spaces and the surface of the buildings to evaluate development plans objectively. Users can make access to the system from almost all of the computers connected with the Internet and modify parameters by themselves to get desirable results. Further improvement of the user interface is necessary using more advanced technology of CGI, Java and JavaScript.


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