WWW based Simulation Systems and Project Platforms in Civil Engineering

Molkenthin, Frank

The availability of the WWW technology and the introduction of the Internet as basic resource like water, electricity or gas changes dramatically normal live, business and of course civil engineering. New technologies enable innovative technical solutions and offer new potential for improvements towards support of humans nature appropriate ways of working. This demands a new culture of work and collaboration. To contribute to theses challenges is a matter the discipline 'Bauinformatik' by supporting related research, development, education and training in civil engineering. This contribution to the IKM Conference 2000 in Weimar sketches selected research and education activities of the institutes of the authors on the topics of WWW based simulation systems (example WEASEL) and of WWW based project platforms (projects MorWin and TaiGer as well as an European education experiment). Both topics supports the collaboration by new ways of tele cooperation in international, heterogeneous and interdisciplinary engineering. Demonstration from this developments and projects will be used to illustrate the dimension of changes in civil engineering in due to modern ICT.


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