Application of Fuzzy Set Theory in Controlling of Urban Storm Drainage Systems

Hapurne, Tania Mariana

A fuzzy logic controller - WNC (Water Network Control) was developed for control of urban drainage systems. The objectives are to avoid accidents, flooding, pollutions through combined sewer overflows and excessive operation and maintenance costs. Fuzzy logic was proved to be a promising approach, flexible and easy accepted, because it includes the expert knowledge. Fuzzy control system proposed is robust and also easy to understand and modified. It offers to the operator the possibility to participate directly in the system control, combining the results of the modern optimization techniques with the experience and knowledge accumulated in time by experts. Thus, the control of urban sewer system can be well solved by implementing an intelligent control system, based on available information (fuzzy) and on expert's experience. An important feature of this fuzzy logic system is its capability to elaborate a control decision even in situations that were not considered in the design phase of the urban network.



Hapurne, Tania Mariana: Application of Fuzzy Set Theory in Controlling of Urban Storm Drainage Systems. 2005.


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