Multiple Choice Systems for Decision Support

Althöfer, Ingo

Humans are able to think, to feel, and to sense. We are also able to compute but not very well. In contrast, computers are giants in computing. Yet, they can not do anything else besides computing. Appropriate combinations of the different gifts and strengths of human and computer may result in impressive performances. In the 3-Hirn approach one human and two computers are involved. On the computers different programs are running. The human starts the machines and inspects the solutions they propose. He compares these candidate solutions and finally decides for one of the alternatives. So, the human makes the final choice from a small number of computer proposals. In performance-oriented chess, 3-Hirn combinations consisting of an amateur player and commer-cial software have reached world class level. 3-Hirn is a Decision Support System with Multiple Choice Structure. Such Multiple Choice Systems will be exhibited and discussed.


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Althöfer, Ingo: Multiple Choice Systems for Decision Support. 2005.

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