Multicriteria problems of regulation when planning building processes

Kochkarov, A. M.; Popova, E. V.; Zinchenko, O. A.

In the rpocess of project construction organization under conditions of limited resources the problem of investor arises, which in onecriteria setting is as follows N invsted projects reindexed i=1,2,...,n are considered, initial parameters of the problem are:- duraion of iproject construction, - expected profit per unit of time from i project after putting it info operation ,-the time fixed , after the expiry of it a fine is paid for each overdued unit of time units in number. The investor resources are limited, i.e., at every moment of time investor can provid delivering of necessary resources only for one project .Any admissible problem decision of investor represents one of n! permutation of of numbers 1,2,..,n. X={x}-is the set of all admissible solutions (SAS) of this problem . In works of different authors the quality of decision is evaluated either by objective function (OF) of the type MINSUM where,by the objective function of the of the type MINMAX


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