On one systemic Development of the Problem of Allocation

Salpagarova, A. A.; Temirbulatov, P. I.

Problem of discretic programming in conditions of manycriterial is considered. Set of work, being subject to fulfilment, is available. Are certain also: set of the executors; set, machines; set of resources (materials, semifinished items and etc.) and other set. As a functional complex name set, which will be formed, when on one representative of each of the specified sets is nominated to one working place. The allowable decision of a examined problem represents set of not crossed complexes provided that, for each working place one functional complex is certain in the accuracy. The elementary case of a formulated above problem is known under the name >a problem about purposes< [1], when the complex is defined as a pair >an executor - working place<. In case of three-element complexes we come to a problem about three-combinations. In a general case the complex consists from m of elements and the problem of formation of m-element complexes is formulated on the m-colour column.


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Salpagarova, A. A. / Temirbulatov, P. I.: On one systemic Development of the Problem of Allocation. 2005.

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