Damage of Metalworkses under the Complex Varying Loading

Melnikov, B. E.; Kadashevich, I. Y.; Semenov, Artem

The phenomenological and computational aspects of the various damage models applications for the low and multi cyclic fatigue processes are investigated. Damage is considered as internal state variable, describing macroscopic effects of the progressive material degradation, within the framework of continuum damage mechanics. Present analysis is restricted to the case of isotropic damage, which can be modeled by a scalar variable. The strain, force and power types of kinetic equations for the damage evolution description are considered. The original mixed strain-power type damage model is developed for taking into account the different physical fracture mechanism in monotone and cyclic loading. The constitutive equations of plastic flow theory coupled and uncoupled to damage has been considered. The rational algorithm of implementation into finite element code is considered for developed damage models. Set of the computational experiments has been carried out for the various structures (huge aerials, pipelines, fastening units, vessel of nuclear reactor) and cases of loading. The comparison of the predictions of the developed model with experimental data is performed for 1X18H10T steel tubular specimens for complex paths of loading and for complex profiles beams under cyclic loading. Damage field distribution is the basic information for the prediction of crack initiation in structures. The developed method of structural parameter for stress concentration zones is discussed for correcting of crack location. It allows to describe the crack initiation near surface domain as observe in numerous experiments.


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Melnikov, B. E. / Kadashevich, I. Y. / Semenov, Artem: Damage of Metalworkses under the Complex Varying Loading. 2005.

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