The instrumental System of Mechanics Problems Analysis of the deformed Solid Body

Tolok, V. A.; Tolok, A. V.; Gomenyuk, S. I.

In the abstract proposed is the Instrumental System of mechanics problems analysis of the deformed solid body. It supplies the researcher with the possibility to describe the input data on the object under analyses and the problem scheme based upon the variational principles within one task. The particular feature of System is possibility to describe the information concerning the object of any geometrical shape and the computation sheme according to the program defined for purpose. The Methods allow to compute the tasks with indefinite functional and indefinite geometry of the object (or the set of objects). The System provides the possibility to compute the tasks with indefinite sheme based upon the Finite Element Method (FEM). The restrictions of the System usage are therefore determined by the restrictions of the FEM itself. It contrast to other known programms using FEM (ANSYS, LS-DYNA and etc) described system possesses more universality in defining input data and choosing computational scheme. Builtin is an original Subsytem of Numerical Result Analuses. It possesses the possibility to visualise all numerical results, build the epures of the unknown variables, etc. The Subsystem is approved while solving two- and three-dimensional problems of Elasticiti and Plasticity, under the conditions of Geometrical Unlinearity. Discused are Contact Problems of Statics and Dynamics.


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Tolok, V.A., Tolok, A.V., Gomenyuk, S.I., 2005. The instrumental System of Mechanics Problems Analysis of the deformed Solid Body.
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