Optimized Models of Modes Choice for Displacement of technical Systems Objects

Zhak, S. V.; Sidorenko, V. S.

The effectiveness of working processes accomplished by various technological machines to a large extend depends on working quality of supply, transporting and orientating mechanisms which are very often produced as positional hydro-mechanical systems. The choice of their best type and regimes of work requires construction and analysis of models of their optimum steering which are complicated by nonlinearness, multy-criterialness of problem and also by occasional outbreaks of parameters and moments of steering regime changing. It was developed the common structure of such systems allowing within common scheme to vary the complexity degree of PHMS and the methods of inhibitory efforts supplement. For some systems which are complicated in series (from two-measured linear system to nine-measured non-linear) puzzles of the most fast zero-ambit getting are solved and two-criterial problems are analyzed. (T-min-speed, Z(T)- accuracy). There are suggested the computing procedures of optimum PHMS synthesis. The effectiveness of accepted methods of solving is asserted by the analogy of the results of gradually complicated models investigation and by their good analogy with the natural experiment. It was exposed the sense of heuristic methods of improving of approximately optimum steering, their elaboration on the base of theoretical models. The basic methods of optimum PGMS construction were also nominated.


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