The numerical Modelling and Analysis of RC cracked Structures

Minch, M. J.; Trochanowski, A.

The purpose of this paper is to review model for finite element techniques for non-linear crack analysis of reinforced concrete beams and slabs. The non-linear behaviour of concrete and steel were described. Some calculations of >self-stress< for concrete and reinforced concrete beam was made. Current computational aspects are discussed. Several remarks for future studies are also given. The numerical model of the concrete and reinforced concrete was described. The paper shows the results of calculations on a reinforced concrete plane stress panel with cracks. The non-linear, numerical model of calculations of reinforced concrete was assumed. Using finite elements method some calculations were made. The results of calculations like displacements, stresses and cracking are shown on diagrams. They were compared with experimental results and other finding. Some conclusions about the described model and results of calculation are shown.


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Minch, M.J., Trochanowski, A., 2005. The numerical Modelling and Analysis of RC cracked Structures.
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