An Algorithm of compromise structural Optimisation of Bar Structures

Berkowski, P.; Boron, Jacek

Authors' own research in applied unicriterial and multicriterial optimisation of bar structures, and also an analysis of accessible bibliography on structural synthesis allows to present herein an attempt to define a general algorithm for proceeding in formulation of a structural optimisation problem. A practical aspect of such an algorithm consists, in author's opinion, in enabling a designer a correct creation of a mathematical model of synthesis problems, independently of known mathematical methods employed to looking for an unconditional extremum of function of several variables. A proposed algorithm is not a ready-for-use tool for solving all the optimisation problems, but it constitutes an easy-to-expand theoretical basis. This basis should allow a designer to create a proper set of compromises on the way to construct a mathematical model of a specific optimisation problem. The algorithm, presented in the paper, is constructed as a sequence of the one-after-another problem questions, on which the designer answers: yes or no, and a set of selections from the knowledge base consisting of the elements of an optimisation problem components. The order of making questions adopted by the authors in the algorithm is subjective, however it is supported by their experience, both in applied optimisation and in designing of structures like trusses or frames.


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Berkowski, P. / Boron, Jacek: An Algorithm of compromise structural Optimisation of Bar Structures. 2005.

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