Digital Architectural Photogrammetry for Building Registration

Wiedemann, A.

For many purposes geometric information about existing buildings is necessary, e.g. planing of conservation or reconstruction. Architectural photogrammetry is a technique to acquire 3D geometric data of buildings for a CAD model from images. In this paper the state of the art in architectural photogrammetry and some developments towards automation are described. The photogrammetric process consists of image acquisition, orientation and restitution. Special attention is put on digital methods, from digital image acquisition to restitution methods, supported by digital image processing. There are a few field of development towards automation, e.g. feature extraction, extraction of edges and lines and the detection of corresponding points. The acquired data may be used in a CAD environment or for visualization in Virtual Reality Models, using digital orthoimages for texture mapping.


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Wiedemann, A., 2005. Digital Architectural Photogrammetry for Building Registration.
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