Object oriented databases in software development for structural analysis

Werkle, Horst; Hansen, R.; Röder, J.

A technique for using object-oriented technologies to write structural analysis software has been developed. The structural design information of an individual building is stored in an object-oriented database. A global database provides general design values as material data and safety factors. A class library for load elements has been evolved to model the transfer of loads in a building. This class library is the basis for the development of further classes for other structural elements such as beams, columns or slabs. A software has been developed to monitor the forces transferred from one structural member to another in a building for load cases and combinations according to Eurocode 1. The results of the analysis are stored in the projects database from which a structural design report may be generated. The software was developed under Microsoft Visual C++. The Microsoft Foundation Class Library (MFC) was used to program the Graphical User Interface (GUI). Object Linking and Embedding (OLE) technology is useful to include any type of OLE server objects for example texts written with a word processor or CAD drawings in the structural design report. The Object-Oriented Database Management System (OODBMS) ObjectStore provides services to store the large amount of objects.


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Werkle, Horst / Hansen, R. / Röder, J.: Object oriented databases in software development for structural analysis. 2005.

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